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 Julie Snell  LCCH   RSHom   Registered Homeopath

Julie Snell


Registered Homeopath              

  • Julie was introduced to homeopathy over 25 yrs ago and it has become a way of life for her and her family.  She recognises the need for a system of natural health care to help people cope with the stresses and strains of modern-day living and enthusiastically encourages people to adopt a positive approach to their own health and wellbeing.


Having graduated from the Contemporary College of Homeopathy, Julie is a fully registered
member of the Society of Homeopaths.  She has also completed Alternative Practitioner courses in
Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology & Disease and is a trained Asyra Bio-Energetic Health
Screening Practitioner.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy, a safe and effective system of natural medicine, is based on a sound scientific
principle known as the 'Law of Similars' which means treating 'like with like'.  For example, the
remedy Allium Cepa (Onion) would be used for someone who has hay fever with watery eyes as
onion can have the effect of making your eyes water.

How does it work?

Homeopathy is beautiful in its simplicity and addresses all levels of a person, i.e. spiritual, mental, emotional and physical and recognises that we are all unique. When someone suffers from an illness, they produce symptoms; when a homeopathic remedy is given that is similar to those symptoms, it stimulates the body's innate healing powers to overcome the illness. 

What does treatment involve?

Your consultation will normally be 60-90 minutes.  Homeopathy treats the whole person, so your individual symptoms and the unique way in which they affect you will be of great importance and will help your homeopath to form a complete picture of you.  After careful consultation, a remedy will be specifically chosen for you to stimulate your body's own natural healing potential. 

Consultations cost £75 inc remedy

Society of Homeopaths

The designation RSHom is your guarantee of a well-trained, registered and insured healthcare professional. 

The Society of Homeopaths is the largest organisation registering homeopaths in the UK, and in September 2014, the Society’s register was accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

Asyra Health Screening

The Asyra-Pro is now considered to be the most advanced and flexible bio-energetic health screening system available today. It's totally non-invasive and, by detecting tiny electrical charges in the skin, it tests the body's response to the electromagnetic signals it outputs.
The information from the body about aspects of health that are balanced or imbalanced leads your homeopath to the correct personalised  remedy for you


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